1% for the Canadian forest

We donate at least 1% of Little Skate Rats annual turnover to the non-profit foundation Wilderness International, which works to preserve the rainforest on the west coast of Canada, among other things.

Our skateboard deck is made of six layers of Canadian cross-laminated and pressed maple wood. The many layers make the deck both stable and flexible. Therefore, the use of maple wood is essential for high quality decks.

©Wilderness International - Reinhard Mink

And if we want to preserve life on earth in the quality we know, we need to stabilise the climate, create resilience against climate change impacts and preserve biodiversity. For this we need a real saviour of the climate and biodiversity: a forest.

By protecting the correspondingly large area of intact nature, we offset our emissions and make a concrete contribution to saving the climate and biodiversity by preventing the release of huge amounts of CO2, maintaining important functions of forests for the climate and preserving habitats. So far, we have been able to secure 640m² of forest in the land of the Cinnamon Elf Hummingbirds. This forest is located in the Toba Valley, 160km north of Vancouver.

©Fabian Mühlberger

About Wilderness International:

Wilderness International is a non-profit foundation with the aim of conserving particularly ecologically valuable and acutely threatened wilderness areas. It buys up wilderness areas in a legally secure way and protects them for all future. Wilderness protection is concrete and directly traceable, as donors receive a personalised certificate with the geo-coordinates of the protected forest area. Currently, the Foundation is actively protecting temperate rainforest on the west coast of Canada and in the most biodiverse tropical rainforests in eastern Peru.